Building bubbl

Bubbl was created in 2018 to build new kinds of opportunities for modern Australian homebuyers using the unique development model pioneered by architect, developer and co-founder Amy Degenhart, FRAIA, Director of award-winning design consultancy degenhartSHEDD.

The principles behind this model have been distilled into the Bubbl Formula, which guides all of our projects so we can deliver on our core mission: creating unique opportunities for modern Australians to enter the property market in a way that suits their lifestyle.

With expertise across architecture, urban design, marketing and property development, we saw an opportunity to coalesce around a shared passion for housing innovation by building a development company for the future.

That’s how Bubbl was born: at the dinner table, with a vision of a better future for all Australians – and a commitment to making it happen.


The Bubbl TEAM

With expertise in architecture, urban design, marketing and property development, we work with you – buyers, builders, investors, communities and local government – to create unique lifestyle opportunities for Australian homebuyers.


Amy Degenhart


With decades of award-winning architectural experience and the hard-earned development success of her pioneering ENVI Micro Urban Village, Amy leads the Bubbl team with a passion for innovation and a wealth of design expertise.


Martyn Shedd


An award-winning urban designer who has worked with Australia’s most iconic development companies on some of their most innovative products, Martyn is an expert at dreaming up and delivering new housing concepts for Australian homebuyers.


Lois Shedd


With a background in communications and expertise in customer experience, Lois loves to find out what people really value – and then help deliver it.