The Bubbl Formula


density + design = lifestyle

Inspired by modern social trends and traditional urban design, the Bubbl Formula improves housing affordability and liveability by taking a design-driven approach to development. With a few simple principles (and a whole lot of passion), we create opportunities for modern Australians to enter the property market in the desirable neighbourhoods that suit their lifestyle.

Build in, not up


Build in, not up

Urban designers, town planners and environmental experts agree that compact housing is one of the best tools we have to improve sustainability and affordability in our growing communities. Usually, an increase in density is achieved through building up, but this can damage the character and liveability of existing neighbourhood homes.

That’s why we focus instead on building in: we take neglected properties in desirable locations and transform them into ‘urban villages’, allowing home owners to balance the advantages of owning their own land with the benefits of a central lifestyle. This efficient approach delivers similar levels of density to townhouse or apartment developments – without the height – while allowing buyers to live in the middle of the action rather than in disconnected suburbs.



Make the Most of iT

What makes our development concept work so well is its design-driven approach. Inspired by housing concepts from the world’s most successful cities – and updated with our team’s award-winning architectural and urban design experience – we design modern, liveable homes on tiny lots.

Society is changing and conventional developments are failing to keep up, continuing to rely on the status quo of shoebox apartments and inefficient suburban lots to the detriment of (almost) everyone. By taking a design-led approach, the Bubbl Formula can innovate to meet homebuyers' changing needs and provide real value.



Find your Bubbl

By focusing on building in, the Bubbl Formula puts homebuyers in the middle of the action in a way that many other affordable housing options just can’t. Walkability and access to amenities are valuable benefits of our development approach. Meanwhile, our focus on design means that tiny lots don’t have to feel tiny.

We use thoughtful, user-oriented design to make sure our developments meet residents' needs efficiently and effectively, improving the liveability of the space now and into the future. This combination of location and liveability is what allows us to create truly unique lifestyle opportunities for first homebuyers, with architecturally designed homes in desirable neighbourhoods.


Are Bubbl Homes Tiny Homes?

No, Bubbl homes are full-sized homes. When we talk about ‘micro terraces’, it is the lot size that is micro, not the homes. With 61sqm of internal space, even the smallest Bubbl lot features a home that is larger than most 1-bedroom apartments – without the onerous constraints and expenses of a body corporate. However, we do find the tiny home movement inspiring, and we think it shows the demand for more diverse and efficient housing solutions for today’s towns and cities.


How do you fit full-sized homes on micro-lots?

With all Bubbl homes centrally built in highly walkable locations, we believe many modern Australians are willing to trade in the traditional backyard for easier access to amenities such as beaches, parks, restaurants, shops, jobs and public transport. There’s also a growing movement away from private car ownership (and therefore off-street car parking) to healthier and more sustainable solutions such as public transport, rideshare and carshare services, and even walking or cycling. By meeting the changing needs of people rather than sticking to the status quo, we can deliver a lot more liveability on a lot less land.


Aren’t Bubbl homes really just townhouses?

No. Bubbl homes are similar to townhouses in many ways, but with one big difference – they are detached homes built on freehold lots. This means there are no common areas governed by a body corporate and no shared walls, giving buyers complete freedom and control over their home in the long term.


Do you have any floor plans I can Download?

Not yet, but we’re working on making some of the floor plans for our flagship project, ENVI Micro Urban Village, available to download. We’ll have these up as soon as possible, so sign up to our newsletter to be notified when they are available.


Can I put a bubbl home on my own land?

Not quite. We are a developer focused on improving housing affordability and liveability by delivering medium-scale projects that create multiple homes in central locations. However, we do this by leveraging the professional expertise of Bubbl founders Amy Degenhart and Martyn Shedd, and they can apply the same skills to your own land or project. They are experts in both infill subdivision and designing boutique homes for micro-lots, so if you have a small piece of land you’d like to build an architecturally designed home on, or a larger piece of land you’d like to subdivide, you should get in touch with their award-winning design consultancy, degenhartSHEDD.


More questions about Bubbl?

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